How we wow

Growth Strategy

Baam’s strategy is based on creative, personalized client acquisition and retention strategies for local and boutique institutions that have a long-term growth runway.

We invest in future growth opportunities which allow owners to retain equity. This benefits them significant growth from capital investment within a short-period of time to continue to compete with national chains.

As a growth-based investor, we are dedicated to seeking out new opportunities for extraordinary growth and profits. We are committed to research and innovation of new strategies to add value to our business owners.

Competitive Focus

Baam’s areas of investment and management experience are:

• Client Acquisition and Client Retention
• Software Management and Automation
• Digital Infrastructure
• Category Design and Capitalization
• Local Celebrity and Category Domination

Value-Added Management

Baam’s management team members have a total of 18+ years experience in local business investment, management and marketing.

This in-house technical team provides unparalleled diligence and coaching to allow for significant synergies with our business owners. Our ability to provide value and problem solve for each unique business cannot be overvalued.

Our Core Values

Consistently Improve

We believe that as a business, there is no standing still. You are either improving or you’re on your way out. We believe that holds true for our business as well as the businesses we partner with. Our mission is to invest in a growth-focused manner to help you grow robustly while ensuring significant focus on the quality of your service.

Do The Hard Work

We have achieved success for our partners by applying the same strategy over and over again: Do the hard work. In a world of easy digital competition, hard work is often the only thing standing between your competitors and you. We always do the hard work. 

Make Time

When you have questions, concerns, frustrations, or just want to shoot the sh*t, we are here for you. Our investment strategies create win-win, customer focused relationships no matter what your need is. We strive to be your trusted business advisor not just in growth but in as many aspects of your business as you want our advice in.

Partners Over Profits

Sure, we like to make money and run our business too but we are here for you. We strive to do the right thing by our partners, even if it might hurt us in the short term. We believe that doing the right thing for our partners provides the best long-term benefit for both sides.

Only One #1

If we’re in the business of making category kings and queens, integrity would look like limiting ourselves to working with only one business vertical in each city. So that’s what we have done. There can only be one #1.

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