Automate Before You Delegate

If you ask 10 business owners what they struggle with the most, 9 will say delegation. Trusting someone else to do a job is hard because much of the time the reality is they won’t do it as well as you do. With technology, business owners can reproduce themselves without worrying about results.

Areas to Automate Your Business

Nurture Your Leads

This is truly the name of the game. Have you ever had a potential client come in through a referral? They were already red hot and easy to sell on one of your memberships. You can achieve a similar experience through proper automation. This usually happens in a couple of steps: 

New Leads

You might have a lot of ways of getting new leads. That could be through print advertising, online advertising, community involvement, newsletter sign-up, etc. You want a singular database where you can house all these leads. This will allow your automation software to do its job in reaching out to the total lead base with one unified method and message. 

Introduction Meeting

Through the nurturing of new leads, you’ll start to get many of them to sign-up for a gym introduction meeting. Once they’ve signed up, you’ll want to ensure that they are receiving not only an automated confirmation, but communication through email and text that really show why your gym is the right choice. They’ll come in as red hot leads, ready to sign-up that first day! 

After the Introduction Meeting

Ok, so I know I said they’d definitely sign-up. Some people are weird. But they aren’t unreachable. You can also ensure that you have proper follow-up after the introduction meeting if you weren’t able to close the sale during the initial meeting. This will give them the time the need to consider and show them what they’re missing out on. 

Leads that Just Wouldn’t Bite

There’s always a few that get away. These are perfect for reconnection after a set amount of time. Often there are circumstances that change that now allow these folks to be excited to sign-up the second time around. This comes back to having a good database where you’re able to track all of your leads and ensure you know what their status is. 

You can’t automate good customer service, but you almost can. Putting these items in place will help boost your close rate and membership numbers which in turn will boost your profit.